Croydon is a beautiful coffee and pineapple plantation located at the bottom of the Catadupa Mountains, near Montego Bay, Jamaica.

The grounds at the Croydon Plantation are impeccably maintained and the panoramic views of the mountains are amazing.


Your tastebuds will be nicely delighted here as you get to sample many exotic fruits.  You will see and taste many local fruits like, various kinds of pineapple, sugar cane, coconut, star fruit, jack fruit, among others.

You will see other fruits such as breadfruit, mango, lychee, cashew and macadamia nut trees.


On the tour you will hear a lot about the plantation’s past and learn interesting facts about Jamaican culture.  The tour educates on the cultivating and processing of coffee.  You will also learn about beekeeping and the production of honey.


The tour guides at the plantation are a lot of fun and will entertain well as they educate you on the area.  At the end of the tour you will be offered an amazing and authentic Jamaican lunch served with world famous Blue Mountain Coffee.  The lunch is complimentary.  You can also purchase drinks which are reasonably priced.


The roads to get to Croydon Plantation are typical of most Jamaican roads. Because Jamaica is full of mountains the roads can get quite winding and bumpy.  This is just part of a true Jamaican experience!

On the drive to Croydon you get to witness a very rural Jamaica which is a part of Jamaica not many tourists get to see. If you suffer from motion sickness, try sitting in the front of the car or bus you are traveling in. That works for me

This tour has won many awards but not awards for adventure and excitement.  It is pretty laid back and may or may not appeal to the younger generation.

The grounds are beautiful and the tour is educational. If your children are interested in learning about different fruits and vegetation then this is right up that alley.  Seniors will also enjoy this tour although there is some walking. The tour guide will help with that if assistance is needed.


Another interesting fact about this tour is that this is the area that Samuel Sharpe was born in. He is one of Jamaica’s 7 National Heroes who gave his life in the fight against slavery. You will learn all about his struggle here.


What to bring:
Insect Repellent

Starting from $70 per Adult
Starting from $50 per Child
Infants are free

From Ocho Rios:
About 1.5 hours each way

Length of Tour:
5.5 hours (including drive from Ocho Rios)

Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays


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