Visiting Floyd’s Pelican Bar in Jamaica is definitely something to brag about.  Floyd’s Pelican Bar is a tiny bar made of driftwood stilted on a huge sandbar about ¾ mile out in the sea.

Floyd’s Pelican Bar is located in Parottee Bay on the South Coast of Jamaica and has to be one of the most unique places to eat and have a drink in the entire world – hands down the best bar in the Caribbean!


To get there you have to take a 20-minute boat ride to this rustic establishment in the middle of the ocean.

Once there you can sunbathe, swim in the shallow ocean water, drink a cold beer and eat some fresh lobster or fish (order food ahead of time).


Not a great swimmer? That’s okay because the water is only waist deep.

The atmosphere at Floyd’s Pelican Bar is truly a local one.

Most times Floyd is just hanging out, drinking beer and playing dominoes with his friends.


The décor inside is really one of a kind and very special. The inside is covered in relics from many parts of the world so do not forget to bring something personal to leave behind.


So, how did this all come about?  Well, the owner of Pelican Bar – Floyd Forbes had a dream one night about a bar out at sea.  With driftwood, palm fronds and coconut tree trunks are driven down into the sand, Floyd’s dream became a reality in 2001 with Floyd’s Pelican Bar.

The bar’s name came about because large flocks of Pelicans rest on the sandbanks.


Please keep in mind, Floyd’s Pelican Bar is a man-made structure out in the middle of the ocean so there is no restroom – that’s where the ocean comes in handy.

Also, there is no formal dining area for you to sit and eat.  It really is just a chill vibe.


On a good day, you may see sting rays swimming around and see dolphins from afar.  Nature at its finest.


  • Leave a memento of your visit – carved initials, t-shirt, flag, stamp, license plate, college memorabilia, business card, etc.
  • Bring money – for a cool Red Stripe Beer from the bar
  • Do not bring any valuables
  • Would like to eat there? Ask your driver to call ahead and order

*Floyd’s Pelican Bar is not recommended for kids

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