This place is MAGICAL!!! Glistening Waters is a glowing lagoon on the north coast of Jamaica.

This marvel is only found in 4 places in the world, however, this lagoon is the brightest of them all due to more consistent climate.


Here, the fresh water from the Martha Brae River meets the salt-water ocean and this amazing creation is formed.

The water is filled with phosphorous which allows it to illuminate so brilliantly when disturbed.


The glow is formed from small microorganisms that emit a flash of light when touched.  The microscopic organisms live and create a natural phenomenon, known as bioluminescence.

Jamaica’s luminous lagoon being the brightest of them all amazes scientists and visitors worldwide.


The lagoon is the best place to see the microscopic organisms called dinoflagellates.  The lagoon is home to millions of these organisms that thrive where the salt water meets the fresh water.

Try to dip your hand or foot in the water. You will see the water light up around you.

You will even see fish swim around and blue light surround them.

Once the boat is far out enough, you may get the option to swim and I encourage a few of you to do so.


It is remarkable to see people in the water light up.  If you choose to swim, once you get out of the water you will see your swimsuit and body light up as you move around.

The water is not very deep, only about 3 or 4 feet and life jackets are available for those who need them.


Don’t worry, you will not miss out if you choose not to swim – your tour guide will more than likely fill a bucket of water for you to play with.

Make sure you bring an empty bottle so you can take a sample of this marvelous water back with you.  It will continue to glow for a couple of hours.


Please note the best times to visit Glistening Waters.

This attraction is best visited at nighttime.

Avoid visiting on a full moon night or rainy day as this will damper the glowing experience.

What to bring:



Camera – however, photos will not do the experience any justice (Note: take photos with the flash off!)

Bug spray for the mosquitoes

Water shoes (only if you plan on swimming …the lagoon floor feels like jello because of the mud)

An empty bottle

On site – Restaurant and bar

Kid-friendly – YES

Drive from Ocho Rios: 60 minutes

Drive from Montego Bay: 45 minutes

Cost of boat ride:

$25US (includes complimentary rum punch from the bar)
$1000JA with local I.D.

Boat tour: About 45 minutes

Did you know?

The phenomenon of glistening water only occurs in Indonesia, Bahamas, Puerto Rico and Jamaica.


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