If you’re a lover of history or antiques, be sure to add the Greenwood Great House to your bucket list.

Located about 15 miles from Montego Bay, this well-preserved Great House was built more than 200 years ago and is home to the finest collection of antique furniture in the Caribbean.

It’s a Georgian-styled, 25-room mansion that was originally built by the Barret Family, mainly for entertaining guests.

During the well-known Christmas slave rebellion of 1831, hundreds of Great Houses were burned and destroyed. It is said however that because the Barret family treated their slaves well and educated them, the Greenwood Great House was spared.

This relic of 19th-century plantation life boasts panoramic views of the Caribbean Sea, and still has its original library which is made up of 300+ books, including some rare 1st Editions, that date back to 1697.

Children may not fully appreciate the historical significance of this museum and the beauty of the gardens, so this is not necessarily a kid-friendly experience. But a visit to the Greenwood Great House could be a great learning experience and give them some insight into Jamaica’s past.

If you grow hungry while exploring and learning Jamaica’s rich history, you can visit the quaint “The Level Crossing” pub, which offers sophisticated Jamaican cuisine in a classy natural setting. It feels a lot like eating at a restaurant on a polo field.

Set aside at least a full hour for the tour. If you plan to have a meal at the pub and fully explore the grounds, two hours may be necessary.

What should you carry?

  • Camera (with full charged batteries)
  • Cash

The Greenwood Great House is a definite slice of Jamaica’s history, and the combination of antique items, colonial architecture, and manicured grounds come together to create a unique experience, one which you will never forget.

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