Date: March 2, 2024 10am-5pm
Location: Newcastle Parade Grounds, St. Andrew, Jamaica
Cost: Adults JM$5000, children 12 and over JM$3000, FREE for children under 12.

*Ticket prices include roundtrip shuttle service between UTECH and the Festival Grounds.



Evolving from the lush greenery of the Blue Mountains where Jamaica’s renowned coffee beans thrive, producing some of the world’s most exquisite brews, is the Caribbean’s premier coffee festival. The Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee Festival is an annual event held in March where coffee enthusiasts and connoisseurs alike come together on the island to celebrate some of the best coffee in the world.


What makes Jamaican Coffee so good? Well, Jamaica’s Blue Mountains provide the perfect environment for coffee cultivation with their high altitudes, rich volcanic soil, ample rainfall, and cool climate, all of which come together to create the best dense, flavorful beans. Jamaican coffee farmers employ meticulous cultivation practices, hand-picking only the ripest coffee cherries and carefully processing them to preserve their quality and flavor.


Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee is prized for its unique flavor, mild acidity, smooth body, and subtle hints of chocolate, floral notes, and nutty undertones. Because of Jamaica’s exclusive Blue Mountain coffee growing regions and meticulous cultivation methods, it is produced in limited quantities, adding to its allure and premium price tag.



So it is only right to celebrate this island’s rich coffee culture set against the breathtaking backdrop of the Blue Mountains. During this festival, you are taken on a sensory journey with the opportunity to sample freshly brewed cups, learn about the coffee-making process from bean to cup, and even participate in coffee-themed workshops and tastings.



The Jamaica Blue Mountain Festival is more than just about coffee. It is a cultural event that highlights the island’s music, cuisine, and arts scene. The festival showcases live performances by local musicians, and vendors offer an array of Jamaican delicacies and culinary delights.



Ticket Outlets:

Starbucks – New Kingston/AC Marriott

Cannon Ball Cafe – New Kingston, Sovereign North, Manor Park

Cafe Blue – Irish Town, Liguanea, Constant Spring, Montego Bay

Island Coffees Cafe – Victoria Pier, Island Village – Ocho Rios

Deaf Can! Coffee – Cassia Park, Half Way Tree

Rituals Coffee House – Half Way Tree

Blue Brews Bistro – Holywell


Tickets also available online at:


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