Mayfield Falls is an eco-tourism attraction centrally located in the parish of Westmoreland, Jamaica.

It consists of 2 beautiful waterfalls, 21 natural pools, 52 types of ferns and lots of exotic flowers, plant species, birds, butterflies and wildlife native to Jamaica.


Most parts of Mayfield Falls are pretty calm. You won’t find some of the large waterfalls here that you would find elsewhere on the island, however, this is very much a nice outing for the day.

Of course keep in mind the current varies depending on the amount of rainfall in the area. Typically, the water here is not that powerful.


The water is extremely refreshing and the setting is absolutely beautiful!

At Mayfield Falls you feel like you are in a jungle – there are lush plants everywhere.


The grounds are immaculate and very well maintained. This place is very peaceful and truly nature at its best. You are totally surrounded by beauty and you really do feel one with nature.



Things to note:

The stones are slippery so you should definitely wear water shoes.

For those who are concerned about sunburn – not to worry here as there is a lot of shade.


The level of physical activity here is considered medium.  You are walking through the water for about an hour.  Many non-athletic people get through it quite fine so do not let this deter you. Mayfield has awesome tour guides there to help anyone who needs it.


They will try to sell you a CD with pictures and the alternative to that is to bring your own camera and your guide will gladly take photos.

There is a café on the premise that offers great local Jamaican cuisine.


You are expected to tip the tour guides at the end, as is the case on many tours you partake in on the island.  They really love their job and it is clear when they show you around.

Honestly, photos here don’t do this place justice.  You really have to go there to appreciate the wonder.

The largest fall is called The Washing Machine

Length of tour:
1.5 hours

Hours of operation:
8am – 4:30pm

Entrance fee:
$15 per person

Water shoe rental:

Lockers are available.

The journey to Mayfield Falls typically will not be a short one.  However, it is a great chance to see other parts of the island. This drive will have you winding through small towns and up in the mountains. As you travel to the venue, concentrate on viewing the different scenery and viewing parts of Jamaica most people don’t get to see.

Travel time:
3 hours from Ocho Rios
1 hour from Negril
1.5 hours from Montego Bay
½ hour from Lucea

What to bring:
Water shoes – why rent when you can bring your own?
Camera (water camera preferable)

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