Mystic Mountain is one of the top attractions in Ocho Rios, Jamaica.

There is so much to do there – from zip lining and bobsledding to bird watching.


As the name suggests, this attraction is located on a mountain so you first have to travel up the mountainside via chair lift.


The view on the trip up the mountain is absolutely beautiful! You get a wonderful view of Ocho Rios.


Your photo is taken on the ride up and offered to you for $12.  I suggest bringing your own camera to avoid some of these unnecessary costs.

After the lift up the mountain, you encounter a little museum with facts about the Jamaican bobsled team.  You get a little history lesson in this area as they feature other Jamaican Olympians.


Also located in this area is a gift shop, nice restaurant with a full bar, an infinity pool with stunning views, and waterslide for everyone to enjoy.


There is no shortage of things to do at Mystic Mountain.  The main attractions are pricey but the equipment used is in tiptop shape and a lot of detail is put into safety.

The guides at Mystic Mountain are all very amusing and will ensure you are safe and have a great time.



Jamaica Bobsled: go bobsledding for approximately 90 seconds by twisting through the mountains.  The view on the way up to the bobsled is to die for so although coming down is about 90 seconds, going up is quite relaxing and takes about 15 minutes.  This is like being on a rollercoaster but with brakes you can control.  To get a true rush, everyone recommends not using the brakes and going full speed!
Adult: $68.20 USD
Kids (5-12 yo): $46 USD


Canopy Zip Line
: Travel through the tops of the rainforest.  Many people attest this to be the highlight of their trip. You really get to see how gorgeous the area is from the zip line.
Adult: $114.40 USD
Kids (5-12 yo): $92.00 USD

: Mount 700 feet above the rainforest via chair lift.  The views of the ocean and island on the Sky Explorer are simply amazing.  This 15 minute ride takes you from the entrance by the road up to the top of the mountain and places you right by the bobsled ride and infinity pool
Adult: $46.20 USD
Kids (5-12 yo): $24.00 USD

Tranopy Tour Package – combination of Bobled, Canopy Zip Line and SkyExplorer tours
Adult: $137.50 USD
Kids (5-12 yo): $115.00 USD

Mystic Pavilion – experience spectacular views, great food, shopping and learn about Jamaican culture, history and conservation efforts.

Infinity Edge Pool and Mystic Waterslide – after all that activity around Mystic Mountain this is the place to cool down.

Butterfly Attraction Garden – witness some of Jamaica’s most beautiful butterflies as they fly around the flowers and plants in the garden.

Hummingbird Garden – observe beautiful hummingbirds fly through plant life in the garden at Rainforest Adventures.


*All prices were taken from the Mystic Mountain website and are subject to change

Recommendation:  If you are not coming on a cruise ship, you may want to avoid the days the cruise ships port so it is less crowded.

Also, end your day at the top of the mountain by the gift shop and pool.  That way you can get a bite to eat, do a little shopping and relax by the pool before you go.

Kid Friendly – Yes!

Length of tour: 3 – 5 hours

What to bring:
Swimwear – for the infinity pool
Extra money for food/drinks at the bar/restaurant
Camera – try and take your own photos, especially on the chair lift

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