Negril is often considered to be a country of its own. Its position at the far west corner of the island and the fact that there are often more tourists than locals in the town lends itself to this thinking. Negril in many ways though is typically Jamaican. It’s picturesque Seven-Mile Beach and its high cliffs make Negril one of the most, if not the most, fascinating landscapes in Jamaica.

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Negril Water Activities

Chukka Caribbean: In terms of water activities, Chukka is one of the best. They have an exciting variety of activities from an Adventure Falls climb of up to fifty feet to a floating cruise down the Martha Brae River. You will need to bring your energy for the falls climb, but the refreshing cascading waters and the wonderful view from the top of the falls will be your reward. The Martha Brae cruise works best with company but can be a serene solo experience also. Look out for amazing scenes and great photo ops.

Mayfield Falls JamaicaMayfield FallsMayfield falls isn’t located in Negril, but it’s close enough where it’s worth a mention. The main attraction here are the 2 waterfalls, but the property also features a number of natural swimming pools, exotic flowers, plants and birds that any nature lover will really appreciate.

Land Activities in Negril

Margaritaville NegrilMargaritaville Negril: Pack your suntan lotion for a day trip to one of the most fun spots in Negril. Margaritaville Negril features fun private cabanas, signature margaritas and an energetic atmosphere with the constant driving rhythm of Jamaica’s finest Reggae music in the background. Bounce up and down on the giant water trampolines or just jam by the tiki hut bar. Margaritaville is a signature trip to remember.

Negril lighthouse: The Negril lighthouse has been around since 1894 and is perhaps the oldest monument in the area. Be prepared for the unmatched scenery and the crashing of waves against the high Coral cliffs. Local dishes and that unique Negril hospitality are available at the Lighthouse Inn, right across the street. This tour is good after a day of cliff diving on the famous Negril Cliffs.

Reggae Horseback Riding: Perhaps one of the most iconic Jamaican adventures is horseback riding from the beach into the water. It’s definitely a unique way to view the famous Seven Mile beach and its surroundings. Snap a pic with your chosen steed and stop for a drink or some local cuisine at any of the numerous spots along the beach.

Negril Beaches

Seven Mile Beach in NegrilSeven-Miles Beach: Negril’s iconic Seven Miles Beach is literally seven miles of fun with various spots and activities to keep you enthralled. Either early morning or late evening are great times to visit this immense stretch of shoreline. Sip a rum punch in the sun from any of the rustic bars along the way or enjoy the amazing panoramic sunset. Cameras should be on and ready to record this life-changing scene.

Bloody Bay Beach: If you are looking for an exclusive adventure visit Bloody Bay, an old pirate docking point. The beach features white sand and crystal water that benefits from the lack of activity. This is a great place for relaxing. You can snorkel or have freshly caught fish expertly cooked for you. This trip is off the beaten track but will not disappoint.

Long Bay Beach Park: On the northern tip of the iconic Seven Mile beach lies one of Negril’s best-kept secrets. Long Bay Beach is a private beach and requires an entry fee, but this is what makes it somewhat unique along this stretch of beach. There are no vendors and you won’t have to fight anyone for your space in the sun. This beach features Negril’s far from typical white sand and azure waters, and the park offers everything in terms of water sports and fun beach activities.

Hedonism Beach: in Negril is a clothing optional private beach on the Hedonism Resort to the northern end of the Seven Mile Beach. Needless to say, this beach is for adults who are seeking a steamy vacation where the sun is not the only hot thing going. Hedonism is secluded, sultry and quintessentially beautiful and if you are up for it this may be your best time on the island.

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Nightlife in Negril

Negril has a vibrant and dynamic nightlife that is sure to excite. As with most things in Negril the nightlife is centered around the seven miles beach but is not limited to it. When the night is over you will either never forget it or have a hard time remembering what happened.

Jungle Night Club: With two floors and seven bars this nightclub is definitely action packed. If you enjoy a night of dancing you will not be disappointed. You will see why this bar is considered one of the best in the Caribbean.

Roots Bamboo: A great place to visit on their signature Wednesday nights is the Roots Bamboo cafe located at the hotel of the same name on the Seven Mile Beach in Negril. The bar features well known old school Reggae acts and is perhaps the most happening Wednesday night in the entire island. The bar is filled with nostalgia as guests tend to leave pictures of themselves and their trips and the history of tourism in Negril is recorded in pictures posted all over the bar, a real must see.

Bars in Negril

One Love Bus Bar Crawl: started in 2011 this tour stops at seven distinct rustic local bars along the iconic one Love drive in the West end of Negril. This tour is definitely not for the weak of spirit as it involves continuous drinking and some spicy food to help stave off the hangover.

Calico Jack’s Pirate Hangout: Off the coast of Half Moon Hotel is a true hidden treasure, Calico Jack’s private island or pirate shack, depending on who you ask, is a singular experience in the night. Everything from the servers to the epic drink mixes is of course pirate themed and this bar is definitely a lot more than just rum punch and music. If you like pirate era nostalgia and a uniquely picturesque environment this is most likely the spot for you.

Ricks’ CaféThings To Do in Negril: Ricks cafe is undoubtedly Negril’s most famous bar. It’s known for its breathtaking sunsets and heart-throbbing cliff-jumping. If you’re a daredevil at heart or just want to be able to brag to your friends about jumping off a nearly 40-foot high cliff and surviving, try to get there earlier in the day. This way you can watch a few people jump and build up your own courage. But if you’d just like to relax and watch the most glorious sunset you can imagine, try getting there about an hour before sunset so you can secure your spot.

Where To Eat in Negril

Zimbalis Mountain Cooking Studio: Head into the hills of Little London for an earth moving culinary delight. Zimbalis offers everything from traditional Jamaican favorites to internationally inspired meals. Vegan and vegetarian options are available.

Bongos Restaurant: In the mood for seafood, you’ll go bonkers for Bongos. The best in freshly caught Lobster, Shrimp, and even Conch is available in a crisp clean modern setting. Located on Norman Manley boulevard it is on the way to and from most places and trust me it is more than worth a visit.

Zest Restaurant: In terms of ambiance Zest Restaurant has them all beat. The main dining room overlooks the unforgettable Negril cliffs and on any given day the beautiful aquamarine waters of the Caribbean Sea adds a pop of tropical color and picturesque beauty to your dining experience. Offering well prepared Jamaican and international delights as well as delicately prepared delectables from the sea, this restaurant will be sure to excite your mind and your palate.

Sweet Spice Restaurant: As the name suggests this restaurant has a little bit of everything. Off the beaten track in Negril, this restaurant is located along the White River main road to the west of Negril. This spot is definitely worth the extra effort to get to. The menu features BBQ and local Jamaican food like a mother would make it.

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