There are a few Scotchies restaurants located throughout the island and they are all known for their authentic Jamaican jerked chicken and jerked pork.

Along with great food and a real Jamaican outdoor atmosphere, the prices are relatively reasonable.


This is no frills type restaurant.  Its appearance is rather rustic and authentic.  It is situated outdoors and is quite casual.


Here you order chicken by the pound (or 1/2 or 1/4 pound). It is then chopped up into smaller pieces and served in tin foil.

The meats here are cooked to perfection with mouth-watering barbecue/grilled flavour. If you can handle the heat, go ahead and add a few dashes of the hot sauce provided.  You can also order fish which is fantastic!


What makes the food so tasty?  Well, it would be a combination of perfect Jamaican seasoning and the food being cooked over pimento tree wood.


For sides, you can choose from Jamaican festival, rice & peas, yam, roasted breadfruit or sweet potato which are all delicious.

For the adults, don’t forget to wash it all down with a very cold Red Stripe Beer. The kids can try a cold drink of coconut water or a bottle of Ting (grapefruit soda).


Keep in mind that here everything is best eaten with your fingers.

This is a must place to visit if you plan on leaving the resort for genuine local cuisine.  No Scotches is located on any of the resorts so you will have to arrange transportation from your hotel.  Feel free to contact us…

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