White River Tubing is a refreshing adventure in Ocho Rios, Jamaica.  The White River is known for its beauty and fresh water rivers.

Create some great memories here as you tube down this fresh body of water surrounded by lush and tropical scenery.


If you’re looking for a tour that’s a little different, this is your tour!

The first part of the journey down involves small rapids and the rest of the journey is quite peaceful and relaxing.


Just so you know what to expect a head of time – the water is cool to cold as it is fresh river water from the mountains.

On a very hot day you will actually be thankful to be able to swim around in this water!


The journey down the river is a sight to behold.

You will pass coconut plantations, bamboo groves, lush fauna, and see how the locals reside right on the riverbanks.

The tubes are closed at the bottom so no worries of being harmed from beneath.

For the most part the water is shallow. Regardless, there is nothing to worry about – experienced tubing guides are there to steer and assist every step of the way.


Typically, there are 2 guides leading groups of 5 to 15 tubers.  The guides work very hard to ensure a safe and fun time.

If traveling with a larger group it is possible that you may drift away from the group at some point and the guides will do their best to put you back on course.


There is a stop midway down the river where you can swing on a rope and jump into the river water while your photos are captured.

The water is 12 feet deep so jumping is safe and fun at this point.

Here is where you can also stop off to use the bathroom and/or have a cold Red Stripe beer.


This attraction is truly natural…your journey ends on the beach. From one natural beauty to another!

River tubing down the White River is fun for the entire family as it is enjoyed by all ages.

There are White River Tubing photographers taking pictures of you along the way, which they will offer for sale at the end of the trip.

There is absolutely no obligation to purchase the photos, however, if you like them then why not have a good keepsake.

Your driver will hold unto your belongings and meet you at the end of the tour.

Is there a changing facility?
Bathrooms and changing rooms are available at the beginning of the tour.  A bathroom is also available at the midpoint.

How long is the tubing tour?
45 minutes – 1.5 hours – depending on how much time you spend at the midway stop.

Is this adventure recommended for kids?
White River tubing is great for kids!

What is provided?
Short safety briefing
River tube
Life Vest

What to bring?
Waterproof camera
Water shoes

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