Is it the crystal blue waters, activities or amazing food that makes a beach a great beach?

Honestly, that’s an answer for you to think of on your own. All I can do is tell you why Maiden Cay is a great beach, arguably, the best beach in Kingston. At the same time, it’s arguable that Kingston doesn’t have any “good” beaches (and I mean resort quality, tourism brochure beaches) to speak of. Therefore, the title of “Best Beach in Kingston” isn’t a particularly hard slot to fill. Which is pretty true, but that’s what makes Maiden Cay such a great beach that’s worth your time. It exceeds any expectations of a beach in Kingston.

The first thing that needs to be established is that Maiden Cay is not exactly a beach in the traditional sense, i.e. the shore of a coastline of a larger landmass. Maiden Cay is actually a small island off the coast of Port Royal that’s all shore and coastline. So technically, it’s all beach but not technically a beach. However, it’s not particularly hard to find a boat that will take you there, and it’s easily a 10+ minute journey from Port Royal.

Now if you’re wondering what’s good to do on a tiny islet in the Caribbean Sea, you can start with all of your normal beach activities. One of the great things about Maiden Cay is that it’s definitely multipurpose. Whether you’re going to have a good time with friends, trying to have that quality family time or flying solo to the beach, there’s enough space to enjoy all of that. Maiden Cay tends to range from socially vibrant to peacefully empty (depending on when you go). So, feel free to bring all the stuff you’d usually bring to enjoy a day at the beach. There’s an expanse of sea to enjoy the water activity of your choice.

For those of us who are more social, adventurous or who want the style and street cred that comes with partying on a boat, I dare you to try the Sunday Beach Party Tour offered by Loose Canon Tours. In a nutshell, you party on a catamaran, complete with an extensive menu, friendly staff, an open bar and a DJ that knows how to start and keep a party atmosphere. Worth the experience if you love parties, the beach or both. But of course, if that’s not your kind of thing you have the rest of Maiden Cay for your personal enjoyment.

If you’re open to trying something different and better than your run of the mill Hellshire Beach, Maiden Cay is your best bet. It’s a unique experience that caters to everybody and you most enjoy at the beach. Bask in some sand, sun and sea in your own space. You literally have an entire island to have fun on.

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